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TrueSteel® is the registered trademark of Craig Specialist Services Ltd.


Managing Director Craig Harris started the company in 1998 taking over the workshop equipment side of the business from his Grandfather Ronnie Peacock of MARRON enginners Ltd.

TrueSteel® was born in 2013 after a long standing yearn to manufacture our own product, and was kick started when a long standing customer asked us to design the workshop/engineering sections of their new multi-functional educational centre. The design brief was simple, it must be modular to adapt to varying education course trends in years to come. As no product we offered fitted this bill............we designed and built it ourselves.


From there, through word of mouth and recommendations, we soon had another project, and it didn't take long before Truesteel® became a major part of our business. In 2015/16 we invested over half a million pounds in new manufacturing equipment.

Our once warehouse stacked full of workshop equipment is now predominantly manufacturing, and we are currently looking to expand further.


We are a small diverse, individual hard working company with amazing employees. We are all very passionate about our product and the service we provide. We will ensure you of our best at all times.


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"We are committed to creating and building your workspace"